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tjeerd jongbloed1911 1919

fcrc built1914

Rev. Tjeerd Jongbloed

First Christian Reformed Church built in 1914

Rev H. J. Ruys 1920-1922

class by FCRC church

Rev H. J. Ruys 1920-1922

Class by the Church

Rev. Harm Vander Woude 1923-1927

Rev. Albert Sellles 1927-1929

Rev. Harm Vaner Woude

Rev. Albert Selles 1927-1929

Just over 100 years ago, the First Christian Reformed Church of Edmonton began. A small group of Dutch immigrants came together because of the tragic death of two young children, and as a result of this meeting, decided to form a church. It was a time of uncertainty for these new Dutch immigrants, who described themselves as pilgrims and strangers in a foreign land. Times were difficult; money and jobs were scarce, and the harsh winters were difficult to adjust to. But, together, they could come together to praise their Lord and to sing praises, and to draw strength from their communal meeting with God.



  • October 21 1910 – First CRC is incorporated. Worship services are held in a tent

  • 1911-1919 Rev. Jongbloed becomes first pastor.

  • 1914 Church building at 93 Street and 105 Avenue is completed.

  • 1915 first daughter church in Neerlandia established

  • 1920 A choir is formed, but doesn’t participate in services



  • 1920-1922 Rev. Ruys is pastor

  • 1923-1927 Rev.Vander Woude is pastor

  • 1924 first of many First CRC picnics

  • Mid 1920’s The Friendship Circle begins (a men’s group)

  • 1927-1929 Rev. Selles is pastor

Dutch Settlement