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 Rev. H. Vander Beek


Rev. H. Vander Beek

1991 fall renos



Cecil VanNiejenhuis

FCRC 1992

 Rev. Michael Van Boom

  Sept celebration 2008

Rev Michael Van Boom
Dec 2010 to 2014

Sept 13 2008 celebration




  • 1991 a large expansion to the church building is begun

  • 1993 Rev. VanNiejenhuis begins his long and fruitful ministry at First CRC

  • 1993 first female elected to Council – a deacon

  • 1994 the first of our annual church campouts

  • 1999 position of part time church secretary was formally established and Linda Ryks continued her much appreciated service to our congregation in this new role


2005 Autumn Leaves senior’s society disbands

2008 position of part-time ministry coordinator established and Loretta Stadt begins a three year term of service during a time of transition

2008 Congregational celebration of God's grace with a picnic in Riverdale neighbourhood where many congregation members lived in the early years.  Horse drawn carriage rides through Riverdale led by members who remember the old days.

2009 Rev. VanNiejenhuis leaves the pastor position after 15 years of service.