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For centuries, Christians of all ages have turned to John Calvin’s A Little Book on the Christian Life to help them on their journey as they follow Christ. This book is one of the great classics of the Christian faith, calling believers to pursue holiness and endure suffering as they rest in Christ alone.

In this new translation from the Latin, Drs. Aaron Denlinger and Burk Parsons capture Calvin’s biblical faithfulness, theological integrity, and pastor’s heart. This is a book for every Christian to pick up, read, and apply.
AuthorCalvin, John
Year Published2017
In a world where success is defined by fame and recognition, an established Christian author writes anonymously and passionately about how life is more rewarding when focused on humility, service, sacrifice, and surrender. Comparable in theme to the best sellers Radical (David Platt), Crazy Love (Francis Chan), and Don't Waste Your Life (John Piper) . Anonymous authorship creates an increased level of interest that advantageously puts even more emphasis on this compelling content.
Year Published2012
In Leading Without Power, De Pree finds that the most successful organizations of the Information Age operate not as controlled collections of human resources, but as dynamic communities of free people. And in order to mobilize these communities, leaders must know how to lead without power, because free people follow willingly or not at all.

De Pree holds up nonprofits as mirrors of our greatest aspirations places where people work for the opportunity to contribute to the common good, and for the chance to realize their full human potential. He calls such organizations movements and challenges others to follow their example. Movements, De Pree maintains, transcend the deceptive simplicity of a single bottom line, and set standards for leadership and service all organizations should reach for. They lead not with the power of the paycheck or with bureaucratic carrots-and-sticks, but with the promise of meaningful work and lives fulfilled. For that reason, nonprofit or otherwise, they are the most successful organizations of all. Brimming with rich, warm, and wise advice, Leading Without Power takes an enlightened look at the forces that drive selfless accomplishment. It offers encouragement and hope for creating organizations that inspire the very best in people. And it provides leaders at every level with a new context for effecting positive change.
AuthorDe Pree, Max
Year Published1997
Callaway's personal stories and those gleaned from millionaires, CEOs, and ''regular folks so tired they can hardly lace their Velcro tennis shoes'' show how God can help us live deliberately in a high-speed culture.
AuthorCallaway, Phil
Year Published2002
When someone you love dies, Earl Grollman writes, "there is no way to predict how you will feel. The reactions of grief are not like recipes, with given ingredients, and certain results. . . . Grief is universal. At the same time it is extremely personal. Heal in your own way."

If someone you know is grieving, Living When a Loved One Has Died can help. Earl Grollman explains what emotions to expect when mourning, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to work through feelings of loss. This gentle book guides the lonely and suffering as they move through the many facets of grief, begin to heal, and slowly build new lives.
AuthorGrollman, Earl A.
Year Published1977


"As a survivor myself, I had read a ton of books which offered no "real" answers for me. Maybe it was the images, maybe it was her candid way of making sense of theological issues involved with abuse, but for me, this is a very well thought provoking and moving book. For the first time in my life, I was able to find closure where other books had failed. This author's artwork so eloquently describes what can often not be stated in words. But she does that well too! I appreciated her "down to earth" language. I didn't get lost in the "sexual abuse" jargon that often accompanies these type books. Thanks Melane for a such a blessing of a book and opening and sharing your art and words for all to heal from. I can't thank you enough! I loved it so much I sent a copy to entire family, so they too can begin the process of healing."

AuthorJansen, Melanie
Year Published2001
AuthorShook, Kerry & Chris
Year Published2008
AuthorSmedes, Lewis B.
Year Published1988
AuthorSmedes, Lewis B.
Year Published1984
AuthorWolterstorff, Nicholas
Year Published1987