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Betrayed by his best friend and enslaved by the Romans, Judah Ben-Hur seeks revenge but instead finds redemption through his encounters with Jesus Christ. Generations have thrilled to the sacred destiny of the mighty charioteer Ben-Hur, whose enduring tale began as a bestselling 1880 novel that later inspired equally popular stage and film interpretations. Combining the appeal of a historical adventure with a heartfelt message of Christian love and compassion, the story blends the visceral excitement of a quest for vengeance with the spiritual thrill of forgiveness.

Author Lew Wallace―a Civil War general, politician, and diplomat―conducted meticulous research into the ancient world to bring a vivid immediacy to his characters and settings, from life as a Roman galley slave, to the living death of exile, to a Jerusalem leper colony.
AuthorWallace, Lew
Year Published1880
This companion DVD to the book Body & Soul features video introductions by M. Craig Barnes for use in a six-session study. In this study, Barnes reveals the Heidelberg Catechism as a deeply personal statement of faith and a surprisingly contemporary guide for everyday life. Additional resources (sold separately) include a companion book and event kit for a six-week all-church study.
AuthorBarnes, M. Craig
Year Published2012
Category: Theology
AuthorBarnes, M. Craig
Year Published2012
Category: Women
AuthorEldredge, Stasi
Year Published2013
Category: Fiction
AuthorLaHaye, Tim; Phillips Bob
Series NameBabylon Rising #1
Category: Youth Fiction
AuthorBrunsletter, Wanda E.
Series NameRachel Yoder-Always trouble Somewhere #2
Category: Youth Fiction
AuthorBrouwer, Sigmund
Series NameWinds of light Book 2
Category: Reference
AuthorBarnes, Albert
AuthorStott, John