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The late Middle Ages brought great suffering and death: the shattering of western Christendom between rival papacies, ecclesiastical corruption and cynicism, a plague called the Black Death which killed off half the population of Europe, the destruction of France by England, the fall of Constantinople to a resurgent Islam, and the merciless Catholic suppression of nascent Protestantism. Yet despite such ruin and despair, good things emerged. “Holy Russia” arose in the north and threw off Tartar oppression. Spaniard Christians freed themselves at last from Islam and discovered new continents across the Atlantic. In Italy, the Renaissance saw a magnificent rebirth of art and science in a new and fascinating form.
AuthorChristian History Project
Year Published2010
Series NameThe Christians #8: Their first two thousand years
This newly revised edition will show you what's different about the Reformed/Presbyterian faith and how having a Reformed perspective can change your life. It's a useful guide for inquirers, new Christians, small groups, education classes, those making profession of faith, and more. The four chapters include useful sidebars that provide interesting tidbits, explain terms, and suggest shortcuts for those with limited time. Each chapter concludes with open-ended discussion questions that encourage reflection and investigation.
AuthorDe Moor, Robert
Year Published2009
Category: Youth Fiction
AuthorJohnson, Lois Walfrid
Year Published1996
Series NameThe Riverboat Adventures #2
Category: Youth Fiction
AuthorMiller, Susan Martins
Series NameSisters in Time 1889
Category: Children
AuthorBig Idea Productions
Series NameVeggie Tales
AuthorHamilton, Cheri
Year Published2011
Category: Youth Fiction
AuthorDavis, Bryan
Series NameDragons in our Mist #1
Category: Family
AuthorDurfield, Richard C. and Renee Durfield
AuthorYancey, Philip
Year Published2000
AuthorCRC Publications
Series NameLifewise