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Category: Theology
In a time of Christian confusion and evangelical erosion, the teachings of Jesus regarding the destiny of the wicked needs to be emphasized. Is there a biblical doctrine of Hell or are Christians free to hold a variety of viewpoints on this issue? In this book Larry Dixon examines many of the current theories on Hell and encourages the reader to take the Bible's teaching on Hell as seriously as Jesus did in order to tell people the Good News that we know so that they won't spend eternity on The Other Side of the Good News.

Dixon looks at three alternative views to the traditional doctrine of hell, universalism, annihilationism and post-mortem conversion. In the last chapter he asks "Does it make any difference what view Christians hold about the other side?" and "Can there be alternative positions within the church?"
AuthorDixon, Larry
Year Published1992
Category: Church
Every church is driven by something. Tradition, finances, programs, personalities, events, seekers, and even buildings can each be the controlling force in a church. But Rick Warren believes that in order for a church to be healthy it must become a purpose-driven church, built around the five New Testament purposes given to the church by Jesus. “The issue is church health, not church growth!” declares Warren. “If your church is healthy, growth will occur naturally. Healthy, consistent growth is the result of balancing the five biblical purposes of the church.” Rick Warren shares a proven five-part strategy that will enable your church to grow • warmer through fellowship • deeper through discipleship • stronger through worship • broader through ministry • larger through evangelism The Purpose Driven® Church shifts the focus away from church building programs to emphasizing a people-building process. Warren says, “If you will concentrate on building people, God will build the church.
AuthorWarren, Rick
Year Published1995
Category: Biography
Things We Couldn't Say is the true story of Diet Eman, a young Dutch woman, who, with her fiance, Hein Sietsma, risked everything to rescue imperiled Jews in Nazi-occupied Holland during World War II. Throughout the years that Diet and Hein aided the Resistance--work that would cost Diet her freedom and Hein his life--their courageous effort ultimately saved hundreds of Dutch Jews.
AuthorEman, Diet; Schaap, James
Year Published1994
Category: Family
The time has come, argues Dr. Wess Stafford, for a major paradigm shift: Children are too important and too intensely loved by God to be left behind or left to chance. Children belong to all of us and we are compelled to intervene on their behalf. We must invest in children–all across the world. There are strategic, persuasive reasons–beyond love and kindness–to invest in children. Today they may snuggle into your lap, if you let them. But tomorrow you may not have access to them in the corridors of power they might occupy. Now is the time to shape the future. Dr. Stafford issues an urgent call for change. His adventures as a boy raised in a West African village provide an often-humorous and always-captivating backdrop to his profound and inspiring challenges. Wess lived the reality of “it takes a village to raise a child” and calls us to “be that loving village for children everywhere.” This book will encourage you to turn your good, loving intentions into strategic actions and empower you to help change the world–and the future–forever: one child at a time.
AuthorStafford, Wess
Year Published2007
Category: Youth Fiction
AuthorMyers, Bill
Year Published2013
Series NameTruth Seekers
Category: Fiction
Three Days captures Mary's story as she grew from a young, vulnerable girl to a grown woman witnessing Jesus's agonizing death and then, miraculously, his resurrection. It imagines Mary's deepest emotions and richest experiences as the mother of God's own Son.
AuthorCarlson, Melody
Year Published2005
Category: Fiction
AuthorPella, Judith
Year Published2000
Category: Youth Fiction
AuthorGunn, Robin Jones
Year Published1993
Series NameChristy Miller Series 7-9
Category: Reference
AuthorBruce, F.F.
Year Published1979
Category: Biography
On May 10, 1940, Hitler's war machine blitzkrieged its way through the peaceful farm country of the Netherlands. In one small village, a boy's life would be forever changed by the events of the next 5 years. Readers will discover what it was like when you knew you were about to die in a hail of bullets. Still there is plenty of fun and mischief too with friends and siblings. The Way it Was is mostly about events during the Second World War. Those events not only affected the author's life; it largely molded the lives of all those who lived during the twentieth century. The Way it Was is intended to assure that the memories of that great conflict and the sacrifices made, will not soon be forgotten.
AuthorBaron, Sid
Year Published2006