Our Core Values describe who we are and give direction to the ministries of our church.

  1. We live our lives, at work or play, before the face of God, and in the hand of God.
    • We honour the real presence of the Triune God at all times and in all places.
  2. We bring a joint offering of worship with all our varied gifts and needs.
    • Worship is the response/ability of the entire congregation.
  3. We value the integral role of scripture in the Spirit's work of transforming us, personally and communally.
    • Because scripture has a unique authority as inspired by God, we use it as the central tool in the education of the congregation through preaching, Sunday School, catechism, Bible studies, and our own personal devotions. We believe the Holy Spirit works through scripture to transform us to be more like Christ.
  4. We value our fellowship of believers, recognizing every member as deeply loved by God and living out that love for each other.
    • We believe we are the family of God and we strive to care for, enjoy, and bear with each other through prayer, visits, coffee fellowship, small groups, social activities, cards, meals etc.
  5. We strive to be good neighbours to the community around the church and beyond, sharing the good news of salvation in deed and word.
    • We desire to minister to those around us who are hurting through providing material support, building relationships with the vulnerable, and by living a just and stewardly life which respects the creation as God’s handiwork. The needy, the lost, and creation matter to us as they matter to God.
  6. We value the church of Jesus Christ around the world and through the ages, and our place in it.
    • We are a congregation in the Christian Reformed Church of North America, and we are part of the universal church of Jesus Christ made up of all believers. We respect and learn from believers through the ages. 


Our Beliefs - Christian Reformed Church (http://www.crcna.org/welcome/beliefs)