1910 to 1930
1930 to 1950
1950 to 1970
1970 to 1990
1990 to 2010
2010 to Present

1910 to 1930

tjeerd jongbloed1911 1919

fcrc built1914

Rev. Tjeerd Jongbloed

First Christian Reformed Church built in 1914

Rev H. J. Ruys 1920-1922

class by FCRC church

Rev H. J. Ruys 1920-1922

Class by the Church

Rev. Harm Vander Woude 1923-1927

Rev. Albert Sellles 1927-1929

Rev. Harm Vaner Woude

Rev. Albert Selles 1927-1929

Just over 100 years ago, the First Christian Reformed Church of Edmonton began. A small group of Dutch immigrants came together because of the tragic death of two young children, and as a result of this meeting, decided to form a church. It was a time of uncertainty for these new Dutch immigrants, who described themselves as pilgrims and strangers in a foreign land. Times were difficult; money and jobs were scarce, and the harsh winters were difficult to adjust to. But, together, they could come together to praise their Lord and to sing praises, and to draw strength from their communal meeting with God.



  • October 21 1910 – First CRC is incorporated. Worship services are held in a tent

  • 1911-1919 Rev. Jongbloed becomes first pastor.

  • 1914 Church building at 93 Street and 105 Avenue is completed.

  • 1915 first daughter church in Neerlandia established

  • 1920 A choir is formed, but doesn’t participate in services



  • 1920-1922 Rev. Ruys is pastor

  • 1923-1927 Rev.Vander Woude is pastor

  • 1924 first of many First CRC picnics

  • Mid 1920’s The Friendship Circle begins (a men’s group)

  • 1927-1929 Rev. Selles is pastor

Dutch Settlement

1930 to 1950

Rev. Karel E.FJ. DeWaal Malefyt 1930-1938  Rev. George Weeber 1938-1940

Rev. Karel E.FJ. DeWaal
Malefyt 1930-1938

Rev. George Weeber

Rev. Albert H. Bratt 1941-1943 Rev. Paul DeKoekkoek 1945-1949

Rev. Albert H. Bratt

Rev. Paul DeKoekkoek

1947  First Christian Reformed Church
1947 First Christian Reformed Church


  • 1930-1938 Rev. DeWaal Malefyt is pastor. Becomes greatly loved by the congregation

  • 1930 first church softball team organized

  • 1934 Red Hymnal debut. Singing has its ups and downs with admonitions to follow the organ’s lead and bellows boys are not always faithful at their job of providing the organ with enough air!

  • 1935 second daughter church established – Woodynook CRC in Lacombe

  • 1936 Radio Committee formed to address all of Edmonton

  • 1938 controversy over having a church bulletin

  • 1938-1940 Rev. Weeber is pastor

  • 1939 Lydia’s Circle Society (women’s group) begins to study the Bible and to promote benevolence and missionary zeal

  • 1940 Rev. Weeber is suspended


  • 1941-1943 Rev. Bratt is pastor

  • 1941 Ladies Friendship Circle begins

  • 1944 Council minutes are written in English

  • 1945-1949 Rev. DeKoekkoek is pastor

  • 1945 three lots purchased on 96 Street to build a manse and church

  • 1946 Manse is completed at 10952-96 Street

  • 1947 First CRC opens its doors at 10956-96 Street and within 2 years the new building is too small.

  • 1947 Pump organ is retired in favour of a Hammond organ

  • 1949 Edmonton Christian School opens,
    holding classes in First church’s basement


1940 Young Calvinist Winners 1947 Cement Foundation

1940 May The Young Calvinist
winners FCRC YPS

1947 cement foundation, Sid Visser far left foreman for Steward Olsen church builders

1950 to 1970

 Rev. Jan Karel Van Baalen 1950

 Rev. Garrett H. Vande Reit 1956

Rev. Jan Karel Van Baalen

Rev. Garrett H. Vande Riet 1956 - 1960

 Rev. Winston C. Boelkins 1960-1966

 1959-outside FCRC

Rev. Winston C. Boelkins

1959 Outside FCRC

 Rev. Jack Matheis 1966-1969

 1960 YP bowling league

Rev. Jack Matheis

1960ish YP bowling league in FCRC basement

1951 1st meeting of Classis AB North at FCRC Nov 27 
1951 1st meeting of Classis AB North at FCRC Nov 27




  • 1950-1955 Rev. Van Baalen is pastor

  • 1954 Women may now attend but not vote at congregational meetings

  • 1956-1960 Rev. VandeRiet is pastor

  • mid 1950s Council appoints a Worship Committee

  • mid 1950s church purchases a new Allen organ

  • 1955 choirs are now allowed to sing in the services on occasion

  • 1956 Sunday School permitted a Christmas tree in the building

  • 1959 women permitted to vote at congregational meetings



  • 1960 church building is expanded

  • 1960-1966 Rev. Boelkins is pastor

  • 1961 Calvinettes and Cadets girls and boys clubs established

  • 1965 Manse next door at 10952-96 Street sold; another purchased at 106Avenue and 74 Street

  • 1966-1969 Rev. Matheis is pastor

1970 to 1990

Rev. John Vriend 1970-1974

 rev. Henry De Moor Jr. 1974-1980

Rev. John Vriend
1970 - 1974

Rev. Henry De Moor Jr. 1974-1980

 Rev H. Samplonius 1980-1985


Rev. H. Samplonius

1979 SS Christmas Program

 Rev. H. Vander Beek 1985-1992

 1980 Church Picnic

Rev. H. Vander Beek

1980 Church Picnic

FCRC 1970s




  • 1970-1974 Rev. Vriend is pastor

  • 1973 church sanctuary renovations – includes new iron baptismal font and communion table, cedar pulpit, and newly designed light fixtures

  • 1973-1974 baby grand piano is donated to First CRC

  • 1974-1980 Rev. DeMoor is pastor

  • 1980 new manse purchased in west end at 110 Ave and 144 Street (near West Edmonton Christian School)



  • 1980-1985 Rev. Samplonius is pastor

  • Early 1980s church purchases a new Allan organ

  • Early 1980s Second CRC disbands and many members join First CRC

  • 1985-1992 Rev. VanderBeek is pastor

  • 1988 many members leave to form the Orthodox Reformed Church

1990 to 2010

 Rev. H. Vander Beek


Rev. H. Vander Beek

1991 fall renos



Cecil VanNiejenhuis

FCRC 1992

 Rev. Michael Van Boom

  Sept celebration 2008

Rev Michael Van Boom
Dec 2010 to 2014

Sept 13 2008 celebration




  • 1991 a large expansion to the church building is begun

  • 1993 Rev. VanNiejenhuis begins his long and fruitful ministry at First CRC

  • 1993 first female elected to Council – a deacon

  • 1994 the first of our annual church campouts

  • 1999 position of part time church secretary was formally established and Linda Ryks continued her much appreciated service to our congregation in this new role


2005 Autumn Leaves senior’s society disbands

2008 position of part-time ministry coordinator established and Loretta Stadt begins a three year term of service during a time of transition

2008 Congregational celebration of God's grace with a picnic in Riverdale neighbourhood where many congregation members lived in the early years.  Horse drawn carriage rides through Riverdale led by members who remember the old days.

2009 Rev. VanNiejenhuis leaves the pastor position after 15 years of service.

2010 to Present

 Rev. Michael Van Boom

Rev Michael Van Boom
Dec 2010 to 2014

100th Anniversary Celebration

Scenes from the FCRC 100th Anniversary 

Winspear 100 ann Oct 17 2010 (2)
100th Anniversary Celebration at Winspear Centre October 2010

100th Anniversary Celebration - table fellowship

100th Anniversary Celebration - Horse and Wagon Rides

100th Anniversary Celebration - Pumpkin Carving


2010 - Present

  • 2010 church re-purchases the property next door that it sold in 1965

  • 2010 100th Anniversary! Celebrating God's faithfulness to the congregation. Highlights include:

    • Combined worship service with Alberta North congregations at the Winspear Centre with over 1000 people.

    • Banquet with past and present members

    • Family Fun Day at country hall

    • Sunday October 17 2010 - Celebration centennial service led by five past pastors: Winston Boelkins, Henry De Moor, Homer Samplonius, Henry Vanderbeek, Cecil Van Niejenhuis

  • 2010 – Rev. Mike Van Boom arrives from Lethbridge in December 2010 to begin serving our congregation
  • 2014 - Rev. Mike Van Boom ends his service as our pastor
  • 2015 - Rev. Pete Vanderbeek arrives from Nobleford to begin serving as our interim pastor for one year.
  • 2017 - Rev. Brian Dunn begins his ministry with us, arriving from Rocky Mountain House
  • 2021 - Rev. Brian Dunn ends his service as our pastor