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Category: Biography
Fifty years after his death, C. S. Lewis continues to inspire and fascinate millions. His legacy remains varied and vast. He was a towering intellectual figure, a popular fiction author who inspired a global movie franchise around the world of Narnia, and an atheist-turned-Christian thinker.

In C.S. Lewis—A Life, Alister McGrath, prolific author and respected professor at King’s College of London, paints a definitive portrait of the life of C. S. Lewis. After thoroughly examining recently published Lewis correspondence, Alister challenges some of the previously held beliefs about the exact timing of Lewis’s shift from atheism to theism and then to Christianity. He paints a portrait of an eccentric thinker who became an inspiring, though reluctant, prophet for our times.
AuthorMcGrath, Alister
Year Published2013
Category: Church
In this era of "faith-based initiatives," congregations increasingly find themselves in the business of establishing and supporting community ministries-daycare for infants and toddlers, respite care for elders, and programs for housing rehab and home repair, tutoring, and social justice advocacy.
AuthorDudley, Carl S.
Year Published2002
Category: Fiction
When her little brother died in her care, Emma Grace stopped praying, believing, reading the Bible and attending church. She thinks God failed her. Can He convince her otherwise? One of Emma Grace Falin's six-year-old twin brothers falls into a well and dies while in her care. Emma Grace begins a journey that takes her through the dark valley of guilt, sorrow, depression and anger at God. But through her ordeal, readers see the hand of God at work. Although she rejects Him, God brings restoration and healing into her troubled life. Readers will better understand God's mercy, as He compassionately guides the lives of Emma Grace and her family during their desperate period of grief and despair. Prayerfully, this book will encourage readers to claim God's faithfulness and love as their own - especially in times of brokenness.
AuthorJenkins, Nancy Jo
Year Published2006
AuthorSmedes, Lewis B.
Year Published1988
Category: Biography
Cruel Paradise deftly weaves together the firsthand stories of men and women who emigrated from the Netherlands throughout the twentieth century. A skilled stylist with an unassuming presence, Hylke Speerstra brings readers along as he circles the globe interviewing transplanted Netherlanders in the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. Combining elements of memoir and travelogue, his narrative speaks to universal human experience as it vividly recounts the trials and successes of these emigrants. Common themes of personal identity and family, uprootedness and loss, nostalgia and bittersweet joy run throughout the book. Yet these emigrants have had very diverse life experiences. Some have become affluent beyond imagining, brushing elbows with Rockefellers, Kennedys, and movie producers; others have spent the better part of a lifetime eking out their living as farmers. Often poignant, sometimes amusing, always memorable, these stories provide a moving tribute to those who left their homeland behind with little more than uncertain hopes for their children.
AuthorSpeerstra, Hylke
Year Published2005
Category: Youth Fiction
AuthorJohnson, Lissa Halls
Year Published2003
Series NameBrio Girls
Category: Children
AuthorBaden, Robert
Series NameArch Books
Category: Youth Fiction
AuthorSnelling, Lauraine
Series NameGolden Filly Series 5
Category: Theology
What do the Canons of Dordt mean to people in the Las Vegas airport―and does anyone there even care? In the movie Hardcore, a pious Calvinist elder tries unsuccessfully to explain the TULIP theology of his Dutch Reformed faith to a prostitute in the Las Vegas airport. This incongruous conversation demonstrates how Calvinism is often perceived today: irrelevant, harsh, even disrespectful. Beginning with this movie scene, Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport addresses the weaknesses of Calvinism and points to its strengths. How does Calvinism shed light on today? Instead of reciting the Canons of Dordt, what’s a more compassionate way to relate to nonbelievers? What might it look like to live out the doctrines of TULIP with gentleness and respect? This conversational book provides answers and shatters some stereotypes. Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport encourages you to live every aspect of life―business, family, education, politics, activities, and more―before the face of a generous, sovereign God. Calvinists and non-Calvinists alike will find this an enjoyable read. You will discover that Reformed theology can speak relevantly and compellingly today, both to you and to people in the Las Vegas airport. Does Calvinism Have Anything to Do with the 21st Century? What do you think about Calvinism? Do you view it positively or negatively? Or has its day passed? Let’s face it, many non-Calvinists hold a less-than-positive view, sometimes due to caricatures. This friendly, conversational book helps clear up some misconceptions and distorted views. If you’re not a Calvinist, here is an engaging inside look. And if you are a Calvinist, Richard Mouw shows how to live gently and respectfully with others―Christians and non-Christians―who hold different perspectives. Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport focuses not on what Calvinists believe but on how they live. From a movie scene to the author’s personal experiences in Las Vegas, you are invited to travel with Mouw and see the Reformed faith in a new light. Yes, it still does travel well!
AuthorMouw, Richard J.
Year Published2004
Category: Fiction
AuthorThoene, Brock & Bodie
Series NameSaga of the Sierras 5